Environmental Friendly Packaging Jute

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Environmental friendly packaging Jute

There is an increasing awareness of environmental protection around the world.
Many consumers tend to using environmentally friendly products.

The business also realizes the importance of using more friendly packaging trying to protect our planet and cater to the market trend. Jute is one of the best materials as gift packaging.

What Is Jute?

Jute is native to tropical Asia, such as Bangladesh and India, and is now widely cultivated in various parts of the south of the Yangtze River in China. Jute is a natural plant fiber made from the outer stem and outer skin of the jute plant.
In order to produce jute fabric, the fiber must first be extracted through the dip dyeing process. Bundle the stalks together and soak them in slow-flowing water. Afterwards, scrape off the non-fibrous material, and then pull out the key fibers from the jute stem

Jute In Packaging

Jute is one of the oldest traditional packaging materials, dating back to 3000 BC as a textile.
Nearly 75% of jute products are used as packaging materials to make various packaging bags, jewelry packaging boxes, etc. Carpet padding accounts for about 15%, and the rest is yarn, felt, padding, hemp rope, decorative cloth, etc.


Benefits Of Jute Packaging

Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers in the world, with a wide range of production and uses, second only to cotton. However, there are many other reasons why jute has been such a popular material for centuries.

1.Environmental protection-Jute is completely natural, biodegradable, and can even be used as compost for the garden. Compared with paper, the biodegradation time of jute is shorter and the composting effect is better. 
2.Sustainable development 
Jute can be grown throughout the year without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and can reach maturity in less than six months. It may take decades to produce the same amount of wood fiber, and requires a lot of land for trees. Therefore, jute is more sustainable.
Jute fiber is strong and durable. In fact, they are much tougher and more resilient than paper made from wood pulp, and can cope with prolonged exposure to water and weather.


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