Why Are Russian Bouquets Popular

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I believe everyone must have been screened by such a round bouquet with some academic style recently. Yes, this is the hottest "Russian flower bouquet" in these two months.

It is said that this kind of bouquet belongs to the retro trend, and the classical (outdated) bead needles are used in new patterns. And round bouquets like this are more common in Japan. Those who like it will feel round and full, and those who don't like it will feel rigid and ugly.

It seems a little old-school academic temperament, but it has become its most popular feature. The slightly heavy wrapping paper is distinguished by a bead pin, which looks more restraint and elegance.

Before this year's most popular prototype Russian flower arrangement became popular, the Russian-style bouquets had been popular for a long time. Compared with the exquisiteness and compactness of the Korean-style bouquets, the Russian-style bouquets are beautifully packed with its unique “tall, round and large".

I am accustomed to seeing the freshness of the Korean style. This kind of bouquets with oil painting texture, rich colors and huge amount of flowers are really shocking.
The flamboyant personality of Russian is undoubtedly revealed in these "bear hug" bouquets and flower buckets. Can't help but make people ask "Do Russian women have a lot of flowers?"

The huge bouquet and the comfortable hug bucket for obsessive-compulsive disorder are the indelible impression left by the Russian style.


From this point of view, the so-called Russian flower style is the color that can give people a sense of impact, a huge amount of flowers, a neat layout and a moderate sense of artificiality.

We can also interpret it with precision. The best interpreter is the female florist who won the second place in the World Cup, Natalia Zizko.
From her works, we can further explain Russian flower art.

"Color & Personality"

The bright yellow is to show the enthusiasm and exaggerated personality of the Russian nation, and it is the ultimate challenge to the aesthetics of Asian florists.

Russia straddles the Eurasian continent and integrates Eastern and Western cultures. The aesthetics are rich, full, and exaggerated. From their buildings, artworks and fabrics, we can analyze that the Russian style is influenced by Russian flower culture, so it is full of gorgeous colors and exaggerated aesthetic habits.

"Materials & Creativity"
There are many gorgeous colors and pattern elements in the Russian tradition. Different patterns and national feelings have a huge influence on the Russian flower style. The experimentation of materials has also greatly enriched the appreciation of the works.
In Natalia's creations, we can also find that she is passionate about techniques and processing methods.
Large playground design in the Belgian atrium

The fusion of floral and unnatural materials can extend more possibilities and collide with different sparks. For example, the explosive Russian flowers bouquets has become popular because of its packaging and focusing on details.

The fusion of materials and floral art, dazzling techniques and processing methods, is a typical Russian flower style; with exaggerated colors and innovative material development awareness, it is the enthusiasm of the florists who never forget their original intention to stick to the floral art.

The popularity of the Russian flower style is also a manifestation of the florist’s requirements for continuous improvement. I hope that everyone can also learn from the strengths of each family and create a richer variety of beautiful floral works.

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