Wooden Wine Box

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What kind of wood are wine boxes made of

What size is a 6 bottle wine box?

Where can i buy cheap wine boxes in bulk?

Wooden wine box printing

The shapes of wooden wine box

How can i customize a wooden wine box?

We can see many wine packaging products of different materials in the market such as paper wine boxes, wooden wine boxes, fake mahogany boxes, and high-end wooden wine boxes. Based on different needs, there are wooden wine boxes designed with single-bottle, double-bottle, four-bottle, six-bottle, etc.

The shape of the wine box is not limited to rectangular ones. Cylindrical and six-bottle wine boxes are not uncommon. The styles of wooden wine boxes basically include clamshell wooden wine boxes and pull-out wooden wine boxes also known as wooden wine boxes with sliding lids.

To be more creative and personalized, texts for different gifting occasions are to be created. Happy birthday, Merry Christmas, Anniversary, Valentines, Easter, Mother's Day, etc. 

Single sheet-fed offset printing and flexographic printing are the most common way of printing, various complicated post-press processing printing techniques are also available to meet customers’ high-quality requirements. In Australia, some wooden wine boxes with a particularly large print volume (for example, several million) Flexographic printing is a better option. Flexographic printing works perfectly on the wood surface. At the same time, it is also environmentally friendly; Offset printing is applied for wooden wine boxes with smaller volumes. Those large-format offset printing presses that are usually suitable for thick cardboard and corrugated cardboard printing with a high degree of automation play a great role in the printing of wooden wine boxes as well.

The finishing of the surface of the wooden wine box is delicate and complicated. For example, hot stamping, embossed, and debossed artwork on the logo of wooden wine boxes are commonly used. With the continuous development of surface finishing technology, new brilliance for making a better wooden wine box is to be continued.

Please feel free to contact us to customize your wooden wine box

1. Choose the types of wooden wine box, more details to be provided on the required boxes

2. Send us the artwork of your logo

3. When the deposit is paid, we will arrange for sample making

4. Once the sample is approved, we then make bulk based on the samples and agreement in the contract.

Feel free to inquiry from us, we are open to any questions.

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