Wine Packaging Options

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No one can deny the importance of packaging in marketing. It plays a critical role on the product sales. Wine packaging companies have become one of the key factors in the placement of red wine brands. So, do you know the commonly used wine packaging materials?

1. Wood

Wood is the most widely used material in the production of wine packaging boxes, Among all kinds of wood, pinewood occupies the highest proportion, as pinewood has many properties, stiffness, rigidity, nice texture, and good smell.

2. PU Leather

The demand for PU leather is also very huge. The PU leather is generally combined with wood, and the inner layer uses wood and the outer layer uses leather packaging. Pu leather, as the name shows, was created to look and feel like leather but without having to use real animal skin. While Pu leather is not used alone when making packaging boxes because of its softness. Pu leather is usually used to mount the wooden boxes to make the boxes look luxurious and elegant. And it is positioned as high-end red wine together with wooden packaging.

3. PVC plastic

Wine packaging boxes made of PVC are more economical. PVC material can create a better gift feeling, just like the decorations or handicraft bouquets sent by couples are often placed in PVC flower box, with romantic accessories, this cheap material can also convey love and romance.

Paper (mostly hardened art paper)

Whether it is the packaging of red wine or white wine, paper is always a pivotal packaging material. The plasticity of the paper is very high, and the paper box with a certain degree of hardness makes it more high-end and classic.

5. PU, SBR, polyester blend

Those who choose this kind of packaging are aimed at fashionable consumers, and it is also cool for red wine packaging.

6. Non-woven fabric

This is a lightweight material. It is also eco-friendly and biodegradable, laminated thick non-woven bags are very durable. But it seems that non-woven bags need to be designed more carefully as it looks not so high-end.

Different wine packaging materials have their advantages and shortcomings.

It is important to choose one that best fits your targeting market for bulk orders so as to be less costly. You can start with a small quantity to test the market and find the best option.

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