Creative Wine Packaging

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1. The weirdest wine packaging in the world

2. Alcohol Has Emotions Too

3. Creepy wine packaging


1. The weirdest wine packaging in the world

The most alcoholic beer in the world-BrewDog's The End of History beer (BrewDog's The End of History) has an alcohol content of 55%. You must know that the alcohol content of 330ML Heineken is only 4.7%, and Moutai is 50%. You have not read it wrong, it is beer with 55% alcohol.


BrewDog's The End of History

Not only is it one of the highest alcoholic beer, it is also considered the strangest beer in the world. This 55% alcohol beer has malt like any other beer, you can also taste nettle and juniper berries, so it can never be a refreshing fruity beer. It has the aroma characteristics of mushrooms, soy sauce, beef, leather and tobacco.  

2.Alcohol Has Emotions Too


Does this design of wine package make your eyes shine? MIXED EMOTIONS lights up the main concept of this wine, which is just a mixture of emotions! The yellow bottle is happy vodka, which will excite you; the green bottle is angry vodka, which will make you wild; the red hit is the vodka of love, which will fascinate you; the black bottle is fearful Vodka will make you scared; and the blue bottle is melancholy vodka, which will make you depressed. In addition to the colorful emotional concept, let’s talk about this unique packaging design. There are two interlocking straws. One is pure vodka and the other is full of emotions. The two complement each other. You can really feel the so-called emotional vodka after a sip of the alcohol.

Don't you want to try such a meaningful vodka?

This beer is brewed by the Bruder distillery in Scotland, and there are only 12 bottles in total. The biggest feature of these 12 bottles of wine is their packaging, which were made by taxidermy of squirrel and raccoon specimens. Among them, 4 bottles are gray squirrel packaging, 7 bottles are raccoon packaging, and 1 bottle is hare packaging. . These wine packages look like squirrels and other small animals holding beer bottles. Local tyrants with strange tastes may love them very much, but it is still difficult to accept for some people especially those who love animals.

However, the winery said that the animals that made the specimens died in "traffic accidents" and did not involve the killing of small animals.

The packaging of BrewDog’s The End of History beer is specially customized for this limited-brand beer, so this beer has always been on the list of the most expensive beer in the world.


3. Creepy wine packaging

A mellow and rich red wine can always give people a spiritual relaxation, but have you ever wondered if the wine you drink is taken out of a uniquely designed red wine box? Are you sure that there is still that tasty and sweet wine instead of...


Coffin-like wine box

This uniquely designed and creative red wine packaging really shines, breaking the consistent impression of red wine. It is no longer sweet and mellow, but instead is bloody, dark and fearful. It is this uniqueness that is filled with darkness that makes people want it more, and they are happy to spend more buying this wine not only for the full curiosity about the wine stored in it, but also for this unique wine packaging which can become a personalized decoration at home.

Have you inadvertently fallen in love with this "creepy" red wine box?

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