A Wine Bottle That Age

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German IF Design Award of the year has been released, and for the bottle that gets our attention the most is the wine bottle that age!


Are you surprised to hear that the wine bottle aged? Let's take a look!

Wine bottle that will get old

This is the wine packaging bottle, and the state of these three bottles of wine is getting older and older from left to right! So what makes this wine bottle change?

In order to show the preciousness of the vintage and time to the wine, the designer packed the three-year maturation period into specially designed copper wine bottles. As time goes by, not only will the wine in the bottle become mellow, but the copper surface of the bottle will gradually develop beautiful patina. After drinking the wine, the patterned wine bottle can also be turned into a home decoration ornament.

Is it amazing? The use of copper as the outer packaging of wine can be regarded as an innovation. In the current era of glass bottles and wooden barrels, this kind of creativity is really good. However, copper is a metal material, and the price is not low. It is also a challenge to find the right wine that can be stored in the copper bottle!

For wine packaging box companies, this can be used as an idea, try different materials, maybe you can also create a fresh product!

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