Colorful Beer Packaging

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Maybe you think it seems like a special beer week recently. In fact, it is not, just because this beer packaging does have something behind it. If you don’t believe it, come and take a look!



Colorful beer packaging

If nothing else, this may be the most colorful beer packaging you have ever seen. Yes, this beer packaging got amazing colors, but where did these ideas come from?

This is the packaging design of the American craft brewery Commonwealth Brewing Co. commissioned by the creative agency Thirst, and the main source of inspiration for this colorful beer can is the result of its taste analysis!

The person in charge Jeramy Biggie said that they hope customers can see the taste of it from the can. In order to achieve this effect, the designer mixes different oils, vinegars, and inks together, and then uses the lens to capture the continuous fusion of them. The special texture looks like the beer has just been shaken.

After such an on-demand broadcast, will it make you feel that these irregular color patterns gradually have patterns behind?

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