Successful Story With Ultra Music Festival

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We at Promotiongifts are happy to see the cusomers’ sucessful experience with our promotional products.

Today, we are going to share a successful story of our happy customer with their promotional campaign.

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place during March in Miami, Florida, United States. 


Alongside the flagship event in Miami, Ultra has spawned a larger series of international franchises under the blanket branding Ultra Worldwide, which have included locations such as South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and others.


We are comparatively too much smaller to do business with the big company like this. For an international event with nearly 200,000 people for a three-day campaign, there is much work to be prepared ahead and promotional gifts are a small part but critical one in their markeitng campaign. It is a smart act for ULTRA to have many local agents sourcing the promotional products ready for the music event annually for them and one of the agents in Miami, our customer “See ya group” cooperates with us directly.


The value of the event created benefits ULTRA and the rest of us not just in revenue but also the brand itself. See Ya put their logo on as a sub-logo in the products under the perssion by ULTRA, they also make their brand well known by millions of people. Promotional products successfully boost their brand awareness among customers.


The products for the event include car stickers, fridge magnets, arm stickers, trucker hats, T-shirt, silicone handwrist, silicone phone cases, bracelets, sweatbands, handfans, car air fresheners, inflatable raft, etc. All these products with the event’s logo and they are top quality so that they can be sold instead of giving aways as a freebie.


For a project like this. it requires the promotional products to be arrived on time, right before the event starts, make sure the logo to be printed clear, correct. Promotional products are usually low cost with business’ logo but functional and brand friendly.

For example, promotiongifts provides car air fresheners with different shapes catering to business like pizza shops, drink & cafe, cosmetry, fruit & vageable, gift and floral business. We also can make the shapes based on your company’s logo with contact details.


Business in different stages requires different strategies in marketing, promotional products are a great way to gain more brand awareness in the early stage of business and in keeping the existing customers coming back to you. When a customer has a shopping experience with you and another competitor of yours, both of you provide a good service with a similar price, what makes you stand out probably is the promotional product that they still keep. Not everyone has a good memory, it is the promotional product with your contact details reminding them of your business.


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