Customized Boxes Process

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Customized Boxes Process

1. Communication stage

①What are the packaging box for?

Cosmetics, medicines, health products, or gifts, what types of boxes? What material is used? Logo effect ?

②What is the quantity for printing? How long is the lead time? How much is the price?

③Information and communication plan of both parties(buyers and suppliers).



2. Decision-making stage


Product confirmation

Material--Commonly used packaging box materials are: white cardboard, silver cardboard, gray board, coated paper, corrugated paper, etc.

Box types-- self-locking magnetic box, RIGID BOXES (SETUP BOXES), Folding Cartons,Shoulder Boxes, Collapsible Boxes, Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Regular Slotted Containers, Corrugated Trays, Half Slotted Containers, Roll End Tuck Top, Full Over Lap, Slide Type Boxes, Mailer Boxes, Shelf Ready Boxes, etc

Printing process

① Backward light, bumping, hot stamping, hot silver, laminating, etc., we can provide advice and guidance on specific printing requirements.

② Printing, design price, process requirements

The final price is based on the requirements of material, quantity, printing, design, etc.

③ Production cycle

Confirm the design cycle (typically 1-3 days) and delivery cycle (typically 7-15 days).

④ CustomizedPackaging Box Design

Provide reference sample boxes, graphic materials, process requirements, etc to us, we will design and make documents based on requirements.

⑤ Packing Box Proofing

After the sample is made, the buyer will confirm if the sample meets its own requirements. If it does not, we will propose corresponding amendments to determine the final plan.


3. Confirm the order


After confirming that the sample (packing box) is correct, place an order and start custom production of the packing box.


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