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Everything About Printing Of Packaging Box

Questions & Answers

1. Why is the price of the printing for the same packaging box different?

  The cost of printing consists of the following parts: design fee, printing plate charge, printing, post-processing fee, proofing fee, and paper cost. Seemingly the same printing, the price difference lies in the different materials used and craftsmanship. In short, the packaging box printing also follows the code “ you get what you pay for”.


2. What preparations should be made for packaging box printing?

 Customized packaging box printing should at least make the following preparations:


a. High-precision logos, images (above 300 pixels) and correct text content.

     b. The original design document file

  c. The specification requirements should be clearly stated, such as quantity, size, paper quality, and subsequent processes.


3. What is spot color printing?

 It refers to the printing process in which other color oils other than the four colors of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black ink are used to replicate the colors of the original. In packaging box printing, spot color printing is often used to print large-area background colors.

4. What is four-color printing?

The general four-color printing of packaging boxes refers to a color process that uses yellow, magenta, and cyan inks and black inks to replicate color originals.

5. Why is the printed product different from the computer display?

This is a problem with computer monitors. The color value of each monitor is different, especially for LCD monitors. Let’s compare two computers in our company: one is double-hundred red, and the other looks like 10 black, but it’s actually printed the same.


6. What kind of packaging box will use spot color printing?


The cover of paper or promotional album of the packaging box is often composed of uniform color blocks of different colors or regular gradient color blocks and texts. These color blocks and texts can be overprinted with four primary color inks after color separation. Color ink, and then only print a certain spot color ink in the same color block. In the case of comprehensive consideration of improving the quality of packaging box printing and saving overprinting times, spot color printing is recommended to be used.

7. What kind of packaging box must use four-color printing process?


Painter's color art works, photos taken by color photography or other pictures containing many different colors, due to technical requirements or economic considerations, must be scanned by a color desktop system or electronically separated The machine separates the colors, and then uses the four-color printing process to replicate the completion.   

8. How to make our packaging box printing look more high-end?

To make the packaging box look more high-end can be started from three aspects:


   1. The packaging box design style should be novel, and the layout design should be fashionable.

   2. Special printing processes, such as printing, laminating, glazing, bronzing, and silver bronzing, etc should be applied.

   3. Use good printing materials, such as art paper, PVC materials, wood and other special materials.


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