The Succulent Paradise That You Wish To Visit

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Q: Where is the succulent paradise?

A: The Namaqualand Desert

Q: How many species of succulent?

A: 1000 +

Q: When is the best place for traveling?

A: Spring from August

Q: Why do you like succulents?

A: Millions of reasons

The pilgrimage site for succulent lovers that I want to introduce to you today is actually the Namaqualand Desert in South Africa. This is one of the 25 regions with the most ecological value and diversity. What makes the Namaqualand Desert special is its biologically diverse species in an arid area, which can not be found anywhere in the world. the Namaqualand Desert now is internationally renowned. In this vast desert area, there are more than 3,500 desert plants, of which more than 1,000 are succulents. It is unique to the Namaqualand Desert, and the variety of succulents makes the succulent lovers all over the world yearn for the Namaqualand Desert.

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The Namaqualand Desert, like other deserts, is usually arid and barren, but Every year from August to September, the dry season of the Namaqualand Desert has just passed, and then it comes the Spring. In this short month, hundreds of flowers bloom in the desert land of Namaquaran. Butterflies and beetles come one after another, and the local shepherds also bring their families with the cattle and sheep back to this land.

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In the spring of the Namaqualand Desert, it has become a succulent paradise. Succulents are everywhere at this time, attracting succulent lovers from all over the world, calling friends to come over and enjoy the cute succulents. Why does the Namaqualand Desert have so many types of succulents? Due to the special geographical environment, it faces the Cape of Good Hope to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the flow of water vapor during the rainy season, the Namaqualand Desert has been foggy for at least 5 months a year, so even if it does not rain , succulents in the Namaqualand Desert can also grow freely.   

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These succulents love Spring and the sandy soil, they cannot wait to pop up one after another happily setting the home on the beach, in the crevices of the rocks, and under the rocky beaches. They fend and die with the changes of the seasons and climates, but they are bound to reproduce endlessly and ruggedly. It is like the life circle that never ends. This strong characteristic of succulents always fascinate people deeply.

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Everyone who loves succulents after reading this will have a wish in his / her life, that is, every year in August, he / she can go to Namaqualand in the southern hemisphere and feel the charm of wild succulents from the desert.

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