Do Not Care For Your Succulents

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Do Not Care For Your Succulents 

Be A Lazy Grower

Better Gardening

It is said that succulents are low-maintainanced plants, which means we don’t have to treat them like a queen or king. Many people do not know how to be lazy with them. In fact, this "laziness" does not mean you can totally ignore them. Today I am sharing with you about this "laziness".

1. Don't worry about repotting immediately after you purchase one online. The bare roots find it hard to fit in the new environment. What you can do is to carefully remove the packaging first, and use tweezers to clean up the dead leaves and rotten leaves that are not in good condition. It is a good choice to use air blower to clean the dirt and dust on the leaves. After cleaning, place the succulents in a cool place and let the roots dry for at least 1 day, then put them in a new pot.

2. Don’t rush to water them once they are repotted. You can be lazy and wait for a week before watering. It should be fine to soak it until there is water coming out from the hole on the bottom after one week.

  Succulents are not like other plants. They are fine in the dry soil. They need a process of adaptation in a new environment. The growth foundation is very important. Once the foundation is established, you can just wait for its bloosom.

3. Don’t rush to put it in the sun after you repot the succulents.

Succulents can stay in the shade for a long time. When it’s growing seasons in spring and fall, place them in a cool, well-ventilated place with in-direct light for some time after repotting.

Be lazy! Do whatever you want to do to ignore them and let the roots recover slowly.

Being lazy in the way mentioned above, you still can't be too "hard-working" on them.

When it comes to maintenance

  a. Do not water too often. Keep an eye on the weather, the environment, and the condition of the soil and leaves. Better dry soil than wet soil.

  b. Don’t rush to avoid the rain when it’s raining. Rainwater contains micronutrition that is good for the plants. If you like them to be puffy, tender and healthy, you can always leave them to the rainwater.

       c. Succulent is stronger than you think. Don’t rush to put it in the shade if it’s under 30℃ in summer. No hurry to move to indoors in winter when the temperature is below 0℃.

4. Don't fertilize like the way you do to other plants. Be lazy ! it’s okay if you don’t fertilize it, and it won’t affect its growth. Succulent itself is not a fan of fertilizer. Feeding it something good probably makes it hard to digest.

Are you going to apply this “laziness theories” to your succulents.


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