Resin Art

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Resin handicraft is a popular new craft variety in recent years.

Its vivid shape is loved by consumers and its sales are constantly increasing.

What are the advantages of resin crafts?​

Why are they so popular?

When we talk about the advantages of resin crafts.Of course, the advantages are relative to other materials like glass, metal, plastic, PVC, ceramic, wood, etc.

1. Light, Luxurious And Low Cost

We all know that molds must be made before mass production. The mold of the resin handicraft is made of soft silica gel. This material is not only low in cost, but also is relatively short in production cycle.

However, the molds used on the production of plastic and glass crafts require steel and cast iron materials. Compared with the mold production cost of tens of thousands dollars, the mold cost of resin crafts is quite cheap.But it does not mean that resin is only suitable for low-end products. Some collectible art ornaments and big brand snow globe gifts are all made of quality resin.

2. Flexibility In Designs

Resin Pots
Resin crafts are very flexible with designs. It means the craft designs made of resin material are well presented in vivid details. The soft silicone mold is produced with the standard mold, and it seamlessly surrounds the mold during the solidifying process; while the production process of the resin crafts embryo is solidified by grouting, which happens to be the reverse process, so it can highly restore the standard mold with details.

The following simple steps of its production will probably help you understand better

a. Use silicone gel to make molds according to the shape of resin crafts;

b. Add an appropriate amount of filler into the unsaturated resin and stir evenly;

c. Before pouring into the mold, add solidified agent to the unsaturated resin, stir evenly and pour into the mold;

d. After the resin is solidified, it will be demoulded, and the crafts of the desired shape can be obtained. Various shapes of artificial crafts can be poured at room temperature, with rapid solidification, vivid details and simple craftsmanship.


3. Low MOQ

The minimum quantity for producton of resin crafts is smallIf you want to customize glass and ceramic crafts, you will probably get a quote for MOQ from 3000 pcs or more than 5000 pcs. The quantity is way too big for the customers who try to develope new products for testing the markets. It’s also costly when the required quantity is big.

In contrast, the minimum order quantity of resin crafts is much smaller. The MOQ for refrigerator stickers ,for example, is 1000 pieces, and the larger ones, such as snowflake balls over 80cm, can be customized with 500 pieces. For larger pieces of crafts, the minimum order quantity can even be as low as 200 pcs to 100 pcs.

4.Various Surface Effects

The surface of resin crafts can be made with various effects such as color painting, oil spraying, UV, electroplating, etc. It can also be made to similarize a variety of glossy metal and wood surfaces, etc. It is a highly simulated material. While for plastic, metal, glass, PVC and other materials, the surface effect is not so flexible.

Of course, the advantages of resin crafts are far more than these. For example, it also has the advantages of high temperature resistance and long storage time. But it has some shortcomings too. A small amount of waste water is generated during the process of making embryos, which is not so environmental friendly.

In general, the advantages of resin crafts outweigh its disadvantages. For you who are engaged in the crafts industry, resin materials are an indispensable one.

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