Fruit Bouquet

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Fruit Bouquet

Most girls have no resistance to flowers.

The bouquet has almost become a romantic spokesperson. Recently, a different bouquet appeared on Instagram.

A blogger replaced flowers with fruits and vegetables to create colorful visual effects.

Isn't it quite new and interesting?

Flowers with a little more romance;

Fruit with a little more sweetness;

More importantly,

It's totally edible ! ! !

Pretty creative bouquet has all the advantages of the bouquet that you can't refuse



The origin of the fruit bouquet comes from the love for women.

In 1999, East New Haven, Connecticut, USA, a young man who owns a flower shop wanted to surprise his mother on Mother’s Day, but he didn't want to simply send a bunch of flowers. Finally, a creative idea flashed in his mind-a fruit bouquet. He then put all kinds of fruits in the shape of a flower basket and gave it to his mom.

Such gifts are beautiful, healthy, and practical. When his mother received the gift, she was very happy, because she has never seen such a unique and creative gift. Tears of happiness overflowed from the  eyes.

Ever since, fruit bouquets became popular in Europe.

In Australia, not many flower shops nor online business sell fruit bouquets.

Why is that?

There are 100-1k monthly searches for “fruit bouquet”

So what are the concerns of those business owners?

Is flower bouquet too difficult to make?

Is it too hard to keep the fruit fresh when the bamboo skewers actually go inside the fruit?

Or they have not yet found the popularity of the fruit bouquet?

Promotiongifts is not able to answer all the questions above. However, in the following paragraphs, we are going to show you how you can make fruit bouquets without damaging the fruit.

Thanks to the magic materials, they makes things easier when making a fruit bouquet.


The design of the bowl holder is just perfect for the heavy fruit. Fruit is no doubt heavior than flowers. You can have a floral foam ready for skewers and place it on the bottom of the bowl.

The next is to show your creativity--the arrangement of the flowers, fruit and other decorations.

However, if you want the fruit to last longer, it is very important to bear in mind that not to secure the fruit with direct skewers.

Here we have the another magic tool

Fruit Bouquet Magic Sticky Holder

This can even hold a bottle of cider, small fruit is not an issue

With this magic tool, you can easily make a fruit bouquet without damaging the fruit, and increase the potential popularity of fruit bouquet. People want edible bouquet, they do care about the hygiene of the fruit.

You can create more bouquets by using this technique, chips bouquet, drink bouquet, chocolate bouquet, you name it.

Who does not want to receive an edible bouquet when you can enjoy the beauty and at the same time you enjoy the fresh fruit.


There is nothing that those creative florists can't make a bouquet.

After seeing so many beautiful bouquets, let’s admire the fruit arrangement of the little prince Frédéric Dupré 



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