A Must-see Guide To Sending Flowers On Valentine’s Day

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Basically every woman loves flowers. The natural mood of the right person is the icing on the cake. If it is not sent by that special person, it will be as uninteresting. If you belong to the latter, you may wish to collect this article first, so as to give it to the right one at the right time.


Why send flowers? Most men choose to send flowers, but they don’t understand why they want to send flowers. Maybe it’s because women like them, or it’s a convention. In fact, flower delivery has been around since ancient civilizations, and has never been absent. This beautiful and short-lived thing has approached a certain concept of luxury in the old days. By the 19th century in Europe, with the prevalence of various flower languages, young men and women began to express their feelings through carefully matched small bouquets (tussie-mussie). The bouquet is more like a microphone between lovers. There are a series of designated flowers for confession, proposal, and making friends. Therefore, sending flowers is undoubtedly an act of showing affection, and it is a way to convey emotions through the beauty of flowers. A psychologist at the University of South Brittany in France once did an experiment. A male experimenter asked 600 women  shopping alone for numbers in three specific locations: a flower shop, a cake shop and a woman’s shoe shop and the final success rates were 24%, 15.5%, 11.5%, not surprisingly, the flower shop clearly won.
Probably the close relationship between flowers and romance has led to this consequence. When women see flowers, the way they think, speak and behave begins to proceed in a romantic way, and their hearts are melt like sweet chocolate. Thus, they are mentally more likely to welcome the males in term of evaluating them and their follow-up behaviors.

So no matter whether a woman really likes flowers, sending flowers is always an ever-increasing emotional investment.

What kind of flowers do we need for Valentine’s Day?

There are many kinds of flowers, such as fresh flowers, long lasting flowers, artificial flowers, etc. Some people choose long lasting flowers or artificial flowers from the perspective of practicality. Although it is understandable, it is not appropriate to give to lovers. Why is it used to equate delicate roses with love, because the two share too many similarities, they are equally vulnerable and need to be cared for, and they are also delicate when they are in full bloom and cannot be given up when they wither. Therefore, sending flowers does not need to consider practicality at all. When they are delivered to the one, their value is already reflected.As for what types of flowers to send, it varies from person to person. Everyone has a preference for flowers. I sorted out some common flowers and flower languages for reference only:

Flower Box For Valentine
Apple blossomPreference
ArborvitaeUnchanging friendship
AsterSymbol of Love, Daintiness
Bachelor’s buttonSingle blessedness
Sweet BasilGood wishes
Bay treeGlory
BegoniaBeware, dark thoughts
BluebellHumility, constancy
BorageBluntness, directness
Camellia, pinkLonging For You
Camellia, redYou’re a Flame in My Heart
Camellia, whiteYou’re Adroable
CarnationWomen, Love
– Red carnationAlas for my poor heart, my heart aches
– White carnationInnocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift
– Pink carnationI’ll never forget you
– Yellow carnationDisdain, disappointment, rejection
ChamomilePatience in adversity
Chrysanthemum, redI love you
Chrysanthemum, yellowSlighted love
Chrysanthemum, whiteTruth
ClematisMental beauty
Clematis, evergreenPoverty
Clover, whiteThink of me
ColumbineFoolishness, folly
Columbine, purpleResolution
Columbine, redAnxious, trembling
CoreopsisAlways cheerful
CorianderHidden worth/merit
Crab blossomIll nature
Crocus, springYouthful gladness
CyclamenResignation, diffidence
DaffodilRegard, Unequalled Love
Dahlia, singleGood taste
DaisyInnocence, hope
DillPowerful against evil
EdelweissCourage, devotion
GardeniaSecret love
Geranium, oak-leavedTrue friendship
HoneysuckleBonds of love
– White HyacinthLoveliness, prayers for someone
HydrangeaGratitude for being understood; frigidity and heartlessness
HyssopSacrifice, cleanliness
IrisA message
IvyFriendship, fidelity, marriage
Jasmine, whiteSweet love, amiability
Jasmine, yellowGrace and elegance
Lily-of-the-valleySweetness, purity, pure love
Lotus FlowerPurity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth
MagnoliaLove of nature
Marigold Despair, grief, jealousy
MarjoramJoy and happiness
Morning gloryAffection
MyrtleGood luck and love in a marriage
Rose, redLove, I love you.
Rose, dark crimsonMourning
Rose, pinkHappiness
Rose, whiteI’m worthy of you
Rose, yellowJealousy, decrease of love, infidelity
RueGrace, clear vision
SageWisdom, immortality
Salvia, blueI think of you
Salvia, redForever mine
SavorySpice, interest
SnapdragonDeception, graciousness
Tulip, redPassion, declaration of love
Tulip, yellowSunshine in your smile
VioletLoyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty
WallflowerFaithfulness in adversity
YarrowEverlasting love

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