How To Decorate Your Gifts With Flower Box

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Flower box is a type of container usually made of cardboard.Florists prefer calling it hatbox. How to make the flowers more beautiful with flower box

The sales of bouquets play a vital role in running a flower shop. While improving the beauty of the bouquets directly determine the sales in the age when everyone is after beauty.



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"A bunch of flowers" can not only show the level of the florist, but also reflect the taste of the flower buyer. When you go to the flower shop, what you buy is not only the flowers themselves, but the overall beauty, the matching of the flowers, the shape of the bouquet, the style of packaging, and so on.

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Essentials of Bouquet Packaging

First of all, the flowers should be the main role in a bunch of bouquet. Although the packaging in the bouquet is very important, the main body is still flowers. So in the process of packaging, flower wrapping paper should not be overwhelmly used.

You can't just confine yourself to your own skilled packaging methods, which will kill your creativity in making beautiful bouquets that meet the market trend. It is necessary to choose a packaging method that conforms to the fashion trend, and strive to create a new packaging method on this basis.

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Flexible use of various flower wrapping paper

Not all flowers go perfectly with flower wrapping paper, and some flowers look better with hessian wrap, like native flowers, as the flowers are hardy and paper wrapping paper is usually thinner and not able to hold a big bunch of hardy flowers. Using fabric wrap like mesh sheets makes the flowers more mysteriously. It’s also ideal for flower decoration to create a classic feel. Flower wrapping paper ususally have different printing patterns and colors for different occasions.


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There is increasingly popularity of flower box in the market especially among the young people. They prefer new things and creative high-quality gifts. Flower box is a type of container usually made of cardboard. Florists prefer calling it hatbox. Placing a piece of floral foam and make flower arrangements together with some snacks, chocolates to make the flower gifts more unique.


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In this pandemic, online flower business is getting busier and more flowers are delivered to the consumers by courier companies. Flower boxes are more convenient to deliver than bouquets. The flowers usually remain the original look if they are presented in a flower box while the wrapping paper of the bouquets will be wrinkled during the delivery process if not well packaged.

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There is floral foam in the flower box, so it is easier to fix the flowers than the bouquet. The floral foam in the flower box will remain moist after absorbing water, which makes it easier to maintain the vitality of the flowers. The outer box during transportation will protect the flowers from damage.

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The flowers of the same species, the thickness of the stems, the quality of the flowers are distinguished by different grades, and the prices vary greatly between them. The flower box does not have such high requirements for the stems. Even if it is broken, it will not be seen if it is cut off while the bouquet requires the flowers from the stems to leaves to be the best. If the branch is broken, the pruning can no longer be used, which is wasteful.

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