The Floral Artist--Stein

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Introduction of Stein and his floral works


Stein Are Hansen, 45 years old, a Norwegian, started working part-time in a flower shop at the age of 14, entered a floral school at the age of 17, and represented Norway in the European Florist Competition at the age of 25. At the age of 36, he won the World Cup of Floral Art.

This "floral magician" is also known for transforming "cheap" floral materials into "high-end floral works."

His ability may also thanks to his birthplace in Norway where it is covered with the world of ice in the long winter.Naturally,it is a place with very limited flowers and plants, so there is actually no distinction between "cheap" and "expensive".


He has keen insight, always able to unearth the most secret beauty of plants and bring unexpected works.In his eye, every plant has its own beauty and he always treat them equally with love and passion.

Take carnations and small chrysanthemums as examples, perhaps because they are "not rare" and "not expensive". These flowers seem to have been rejected by the so-called "high-end floral art".

And through Stein's hands, these flowers, which are only considered as accessories and supporting roles, have also become shining stars in high-end floral art.

From Stein's consistent style, we have observed that there are as many as 3-4 kinds of flowers in his works, as few as two kinds, and even one type of flower. In terms of flower types, it is indeed "minimalist". ! The staff often laugh and say that he is a florist who can't exceed the budget.

Of course, from another point of view, it also shows that Stein's floral skills are so perfect that he can always think out of the box, and then create amazing works using his skills and technique.

I often listen to the staff around me sighing, "How can this effect be achieved with just one kind of flower material? It's really a very smart, lifelike feeling!"


It just happens that his style is not only favored in the field of art, but also sought after by business. In art, he has won many awards with no doubt.
As far as business is concerned, isn't his work a perfect combination of business and art? He uses fewer flowers with a moderate cost. To some extent, his works are cost-effective.
In terms of business experience, he has been operating a flower shop for 12 years and has created countless high-end flower art in Norway.

After going through the ups and downs, debts in business, he later said with emotion: "Everyone has a difficult path in life, just get through it."

When I was young, I worked everywhere in flower shops and learned art, and received formal flower art training. Later, the scope of learning art expanded to the world, both teaching and absorbing the essence from the local.

His rich experience has made him familiar with the positions and needs of various roles. At the same time, he has never hesitated to dedicate his years of experience to the students.

As a teacher, he is also a persuasive, humorous and patient person. He guides you to find your own style and always encourages you to try new ideas.

In addition to teaching you the most basic color matching, proportion selection, and flower art skills, he also "forces" you to think and find a spontaneous motivation for flower art and life.

Many people were captured by his "powerful personal charm", marveling at his research like a craftsman, and amazed at his business, full-blown art.

Maybe Stein has such charm.

People unconsciously look at him, follow him involuntarily, learn from his wisdom in life, learn techniques from his flower art, and listen to his down-to-earth honors and hardships step by step.









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