Promotional Products In Business Marketing

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Many business are giving away promotional gifts to get brand awareness and get more sales especially in this special time when they suffer from the economic downturn because of COVID-19. In order to attract the old customers to buy again, customized promotional gifts are a recommended marketing idea. Business can try inexpensive and practical customized promotional gifts to give out free to customers. A successful promotional gift is also a good opportunity to promote the business. Promotional gifts with the business logos or other corporate elements, people can tell who they are from.


Advantage of using promotional products in business marketing

1. Improve brand awareness and exposure

80% of people are willing to receive advertising and promotional gifts, so what the business do is to make sure the correct messages are being sent. Distributing quality and functionable promotional products can ensure that your potential and existing customers fully enjoy these products and services every day, it’s a more effective way of marketing than any other advertising method.Even if they no longer use your product, just seeing your logo is enough to remind them who you are and what you offer.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Most advertising information can be measured by calculating the cost per impression (CPI), which shows the amount of cost per impression based on the average number of impressions. In Australia, the cost per impression of promotional products is lower than prime time TV commercials, radio commercials or print ads, and they are also more interactive.

Although the production costs of TV and radio advertisements are relatively high, they also need to be paid each time the advertisement is placed. However the cost of promotional materials is much lower, and the exposure period is longer, which means that a return on investment can be obtained within months or even years. The key is to choose items that actually are useful so that your customers can use them.

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3. Long life cycle

Increase the exposure rate of advertising information

It turns out that most people who receive a promotional product will keep and use it for months or even years, after which they will probably get new promotional products again. This means that your message will eventually reach a larger audience than originally anticipated. Last but not the least, carefully selected, practical and daily-used items will provide long-term results that cannot be compared with any other form of advertising.

4. Customer Loyalty

Advertising and promotional gifts tend to instill goodwill and increase brand awareness, which ultimately strengthens connections with existing customers or potential customers. In fact, LJ market research data shows that 52% of advertising promotional gifts end up doing business with the company.

5.Variety Of Channels

Promotional products are very flexible in how they can be used to promote your company. They allow you to create the perfect strategy, whether it is corporate events marketing, holiday gifts giving, digital event rewards, or sales team incentives,promotional gifts are of great help to enterprises.

Promotional gifts inplant the corporate’s image in consumers’ minds and strengthen consumer brand impressions.



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