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With the increasingly fierce competition in Floristry market, merchants have to engage in some promotional activities to seize the market if they want to get a share of the pie. Promotional gifts have also become one of the most commonly used weapons among merchants in the battle for stores. What kind of gifts can be given to please customers?

Promotional gifts are products or gifts that consumers can get when they buy or sometimes the merchants would just give them away with the branded logo on the products as a way of promotional purpose.

Generally, three principles should be followed:

  • Maintain relevance to the product
  • simplify the design process
  • Don't exaggerate the value, namely: "visible, obtainable, and practical". In addition, it must also meet two basic characteristics: one is that consumers can get gifts immediately when they buy, and the other is that the variety of gifts given is very attractive.

1. Practicality

The practicality of promotional gifts is the most important element.

The higher the practical value of the gift, the easier it is to win the favor of consumers. If there are few opportunities to use it after taking it back, it is not easy to attract customers.

2. Pay attention to the quality of gifts

In order to keep the gifts attractive, some businesses will go to great lengths to find some weird products. With cost control, the quality is difficult to guarantee. This was a very big mistake in the past. Therefore, even the small promotional gifts should pay attention to quality, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

3. Maintain relevance to the product

The choice of promotional gifts should be somewhat related to the product, such as buying flowers and send a free vase with your branded logo.

Based on the basic principles of trying promotional gifts as a way of marketing, we have listed a few products that are very popular among florists. FYI.


1. USB Drive Van

When it comes to promotional value, you are gonna love this one, so do your consumers. Florists usually have their own van printed with logo, if you do not have one yet, try branded logo on this cool van USB drive. It’s such a great promotional gift for you to get access to new customers or maintain the relationship with existing consumers. Think about the bulk orders you are putting effort to get from the corporate. It’s useful so that it keeps reminding them of your business or amaze your customers with this cool USB drive.

It complies with CE, FCC, and RoHS. Customized logo, size and shapes.

2. 3D Sticky Note

 Promotional Gifts

When you look at this apple, do you really think it’s a cut apple in small slice.

It is not just an apple, it’s sticky note. The yummy look makes it a great way to be “front and center” with your customers every day – literally. Brand your logo in every piece of it, total 150 pieces in this sample. We know our florists do not just sell flowers, they send out fruit baskets sometimes, so this is highly relevant to the products. It is a cheap promotional product which you would not feel any pain by giving away to your existing consumers just to maintain a good relationship with them.

3. Fresheners


Promotional Gifts

So we have not more than just apples for your option. This air freshener with fruity fragrance can also be branded with your logo.

Seemore of our fresheners in different shapes

4. Greeting Cards

Thats right, greeting cards as a promotional product.

Promotional Gifts


Greeting cards are much less valuable in price but they are very precious emotionally.

There are messages on the card from the gift senders, and it is a good memory to keep.

Most greeting cards in the market are not customized, because most of florists purchase them without further consideration of its strong promotional value behind it. There was a survey that 89% of Australian attach a greeting card when sending a gift. Even there are gift companies providing greeting card to their customers for free.

We have many greeting card designed for different occasions, and price is very competitive with your branded logo on the cards. Besides, what do you think of this 3D popup cards?

Promotional Gifts



5. Silicone Flower Vase

Every florist is an artist at heart. They are passionate at their work, they are those people who create beauty. Even for a promotional product, a very simple wall vase, they can make a beautiful arrangement on the wall with dry native flowers. This silicone wall vase is based on nanotechnology and can be sticky forever, as long as the surface is flat. It would never disappoint you by sticking to the tile wall, painted wall, metal surface, glass surface, etc. And we are responsible for the branding, so that your customers can see your brand in the kitchen, in the room, in the bathroom. Do you want to see this happen? Let us know.

6. Customized promotional pencil

Promotional Gifts

It is an ideal giveaway. We rolled out this for Warner Bros, they have their lyric carved on each pencil with each pencil for different colors, 10 colors all together in a tin pencil box. Pencils are cheap but we do have a minimum order. If you are targeting at a large audience or education institute, this is a good way to go.

We can customize more than just items above. Gift supplies & packaging boxes are all covered. Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

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