How To Choose A Flower Container

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The selection of flower containers is very important in the design of flower art, and it is about creating an overall beauty.

The natural scent from flowers and grass makes people feel like living in nature.

Types of flower containers

In Asia, large pots and pots that are used for flowers are mostly called flower pots, but in European and American countries, regardless of the sizes of the flower pots, it is called flower containers. The cultivation method using flower containers is called "flower cultivation". The method of beautifying the house and the surrounding environment by planting various flowers, garden trees, or foliage plants, is called "flower gardening." As long as there is a space for placing various flower containers in the home, you can design a quite varied garden according to the combination of the material, shape, size, and selected plants of the flower containers. Generally speaking, balconies and corridors are places that are often designed as floral gardens.

In addition, European and American countries often use roofs, terraces, wooden floors, or windows as places for gardening. In addition, the entrance or porch is also the most suitable for flower gardening. In addition, common bay windows can also become beautiful scenery lines with some ingenuity. In order to fully appreciate the fun of flower gardening, one must try to understand the nature and characteristics of the plants used. At this time, you can choose suitable plants according to the environment of the place where the flower is placed, or the size and shape of the flower.


But if two or more kinds of plants are planted in the same flower container, in addition to color or shape, it is necessary to pay full attention to the nature of each plant to combine.

Glass And Porcelain Vases

Glass or porcelain vases are quite popular for flower arrangement, among which glass vases are the most popular. Glass vases are divided into transparent, frosted, and crystal-engraved categories. If it is purely for flower arrangement, choose transparent or frosted ones, because flower viewing is the purpose, and vases are only tools for flower arrangement. The carved crystal glass vase, in addition to being used for arranging flowers, is itself a work of art, which is highly ornamental, but expensive. For big flowers with long stems, you can choose a vase with a longer body and a larger mouth. The vase of this shape can store a large amount of water to prevent the flowers from drying out. The second is to ventilate the flowers up and down to prevent rot. The third is conducive to flower arrangements.

The types of porcelain vases are mostly influenced by tradition and rarely innovated. Relatively speaking, the variety of pottery is extremely rich, simple or abstract, and can be used as home furnishings and as ornaments for flower arrangements. Metals include unique cloisonne, Pakistan-style bronzes, Malaysian tinware, etc. You can choose according to your personal preference. These utensils, bamboo, wood, and rattan ornaments are mostly used to match shapes with dried flowers and artificial flowers to create a unique home decoration effect. In addition to the circular flower arrangement in the lower half, the roses are tied into a bunch on the upper part, and the sponge inserted in the middle is naturally orderly in layers, adding a touch of creativity to the coolness. Rectangular flower containers specially used to decorate window rims are called "window flower containers". Residential buildings in European and American countries have reserved space for planting flowers by the windows and placed rectangular flower containers. In addition, there are also flowers placed directly on the floor under the window, or hanging on the balcony railing with a special hanger.

Hanging Flower Container

The hanging bowl can be hung, whether it is on the wall, around the entrance, fence, or small atrium, it can be used as a three-dimensional decoration. There are wire baskets, pottery, wood, resin, and other types of hanging bowls. Except for wire baskets, other types of cultivation methods are the same as those of ordinary pots. Here, take the wire basket as an example. When using wire basket hanging pots for planting, first use moss from an internal wall, and then add soil to grow plants. Use a bowl-shaped hanging pot to grow plants such as cypress. It forms a small sky garden, the whole hanging bowl is dominated by green plants, plus some lovely flowers, it looks fresh and elegant.


The white porcelain vase has an oriental somber and implicit sense of tranquility, and the warm-colored full forms a contrasting scene with it. The transparent and clear flower container, even just a few ordinary stones in the bottle, can reflect the exquisite feeling of the bottle. Set off by the elegant curved bottle shape, the simple cedar, the pulsating fire dragon ball, and the blooming red roses have a romantic and extraordinary temperament. The plain sack wraps up the rough and mediocre flowerpots, and gently girds the mouth, and the floral feel of lavender seems to have changed. Large-caliber tall-necked vases are suitable for large plants. The verdant velvet and green orchids swayed and brought the message of spring.

Seagrass Basket Container

Seagrass baskets are most suitable for holding small pots of green plants. Several kinds of plants were gathered in one basket, and the pastoral atmosphere came to your face.

The iron barrel, which is often overlooked, has a postmodern color in its coldness and hardness. Roses and tulips with high stems are very feminine. They are inserted in a tin bucket, fresh and beautiful. The big yellow rose is suitable for wide-mouth glass flowers. Try to wrap Brazilian leaves around the inside of the vase for a different effect. It seems that the sunshine in the afternoon has been made warm and quiet by it.

In addition to artificial materials such as plastic, concrete, and stainless steel, the flower containers also have natural materials such as pottery bowls, pottery or mahogany. Considering the cultivation level such as ventilation or drainage, the effect of display can be emphasized based on the harmony between the material and the surrounding or the harmony with the plants, and the sense of fusion or prominence with the surrounding scenery.

The selection of flower vase

Vase Shapes

When selecting flower containers, the material, color, capacity, and shape should be taken into consideration. A wide range of materials was found to make flower containers including porcelain, pottery, glass, plastic, bronze, aluminum, tin, wood, lacquer, bamboo, stone, jade, shells, coconut shells, etc. Almost anything that can hold water can be used as a flower container. The production of flower containers has always been very particular, among which porcelain is the most widely used. For example, the blue vases of the Yuan Dynasty used the imported "Su Ma Liqing" at that time, which is especially precious.

There are also various flower shapes for options. The flower shapes we use today are the inheritance and development of the excellent culture of mankind for thousands of years. The shape of the Majiayao colored pottery culture 4,000 years ago still seems to be novel. Bronze wares of the Yin and Zhou Dynasties: tripod, 鬲, box, bean, Yi, Jue, pot, etc. At that time, although they were used for sharp utensils, cooking, food, and washing, these shapes have been widely used in modern utensils. Ancient bronze ware is even more favored by later generations of gardeners: "Bronze ware can be used for flower arrangings, such as Ri Zun, Yue Shou, and Yue Hu. The ancients used to store wine so that it is very suitable for flower arranging."

In addition to the accumulation of ancient vessel shapes, there is now a cultural exchange between China and the West, so the shapes of flower containers are becoming more and more abundant.

Seasonal Vases

The selection of flower containers also reflects the user's taste. "Expensive copper, cheap gold and silver" is the elegant and quiet temperament advocated by literati. The selection also takes into account the season and pays attention to "using steel in spring and winter, and porcelain in autumn and summer", which is a tradition of Chinese floral art. The consideration is the temperament correspondence between flowers and floral containers. Plum blossoms are placed in copper vases, and lotuses are placed in porcelain vases.

Surrounding Environment Matching The Vase

The choice of flower containers should take into account the actual environment of the application. For spacious space, such as a large living room, the flowers should be densely inserted, and the flower container should be larger; on the contrary, in the case of relatively small space, such as a study room, the flowers should be simple, quiet and thin. , The flower can also be smaller. At the same time, the selection of flower containers also needs to consider the color matching. If the flowers are luxuriant, the flower containers can be denser in color. Conversely, lighter flowers are not suitable for heavy and complicated florals.

Although there are many types and changes of flower containers, they are inseparable from their roots. The basic forms are nothing more than these types: plates, bowls, tubes, bottles, and their deformations.

Pan: The basic characteristics are shallow bottom and wide mouth.

Bowl: The basic feature is that the mouth is wider than the bottom and the bottom is deeper. The bottom is high and low.

Tube: The basic feature is that the size of the mouth and the bottom are similar, with round shapes, triangles, four corners, and hexagons.

Bottle: The basic feature is a large mouth and a lower abdomen, with a neck.

Flower Characteristics

The above are all desktop flower containers, in addition, there are hanging flower containers: hanging flowers and wall hanging flowers, the common feature is that they have rings or holes for climbing. The difference is that the hanging flower is complete and beautiful all around; the wall-mounted flower is flat because one side is against the wall, and only half of it is complete and beautiful. Vases are not too big or small, and the shape of the vase itself can also bring a lot of inspiration for flower arrangements. For example, incense burners, goldfish bowls, inverted glass steaming bowls, canned biscuits... all credible hand-picked. Getting tired of the thin vases, just put a green bamboo tube in, the effect is completely different.


Compared with large-scale flower arrangement exhibitions and competitions, home flower arrangements can be more casual. As long as you have flowers, flower containers, and a peaceful mind, you can create flower arrangements. What if there is no suitable flower container? Many daily utensils in life can come in handy. For example, kitchen bowls, plates, soup pots, plastic tea trays, leaky baskets, wooden fruit boxes, and fruit trays can all be used for flower arrangement and landscaping.

Modern flower arrangement art's choice of flower containers goes beyond the category of flower containers. The flower arranging non-fixed device, used as a flower arranging device, is often not a special flower device. As long as it has the conditions for flower arranging and can embody the tension of flower arranging art, it can be used as a flower container.


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