How To Make Dried Flowers

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Everyone loves fresh flowers (compared to dried flowers) that are just in full bloom, beautiful and fragrant. This is the same for me, so I often rush into the flower shop on a whim to pick a bouquet of favorite roses. Every time I go home, I hold flowers and look forward to the good mood in the next few days, but they are short-lived. The flowers I just buy, no matter how much fresh, it will not take long to be on the verge of extinction.


Dried Flowers

Looking at withered flowers, many people will just discard it. In fact, it is not difficult to seal this "ephemeral beauty". When plants are used as accessories, there is nothing more cost-effective than dried flowers. They have a longer flowering period and more vigorous than green plants, and more lively than artificial flowers. The proper combination of dried flowers can also be used on the decoration of the gift hampers.

Dried Flowers

The easiest way to make dry flowers

What kinds of flowers are suitable for making dried flowers?

Choose flowers that are not particularly high in water content. Roses, hydrangeas, platycodons, etc. are particularly suitable for making dried flowers. Lilies are also common flower materials, but because of their water content, they are not suitable for making dried flowers. (Gypsophila and Forget-me-not are excellent flowers for making dried flowers, no special operation is required, just put them in a vase and they can be naturally dried and become dried flowers)

Dried Flowers

In addition to flowers, green leaves of eucalyptus and other Chinese herbal medicines are also super refreshing as dried flowers. Pine cones, reed flowers, and sorghum ears are also good wild flowers.

Dried Flowers


The method of making dried flowers is very simple, the most commonly used is to hang upside down and dry naturally.

Dried Flowers

Tie the flowers into a small bunch with a thread or ribbon, and hang the flower in a well-ventilated place. Remove some leaves and petals before hanging upside down. The hanging place should be protected from the sun, away from heating. Generally speaking, the larger flowers, the higher water content. The flowers should be staggered as far as possible, and do not stick to the front so as not to squeeze each other and cause deformation.

Slowly you will see the flower buds shrinking slowly, and the color is quietly changing. After 2-4 weeks, it becomes a beautiful dried flower. The dried flower has less moisture and flamboyance than the delicate flower.

Slightly wrinkled petals show their unusual beauty because of lacking water.

Dried Flowers


The Craspedia Globosa Sunball itself has low water content, so the shape of the flower will not change much, the color is maintained, and the color of the sunball after air drying will be more gorgeous.

Dried Flowers
The pure white gypsophila will show a very natural light yellow after air drying, and it is still very beautiful.

How To Make Dried Flowers Step By Step

Natural Way Of Drying

To make dried flowers, putting the flower heads upside down is to better maintain the shape of the flowers. When choosing flower materials, you must choose flowers with less water content. Flowers in buds and withered flowers are not recommended to make dried flowers. The flowers will easily falling when they are dry.

The leaves of some plants are also very beautiful after drying. Beautiful monstera and ferns are good choices.

Tips and warnings

1. Hanging dried flowers exposed to the air will gradually lighten in colors.

2. Dried flowers should be placed in a ventilated place. Otherwise, they will become moldy when it is too humid. 

Freeze dry flowers

Things that you will need: flowers and freeze dryer


By freezing flowers, you can preserve their natural beauty and shape. A regular freezer, though, will not presereve your lowers. The key is to remove all the moisture, which a freezer will not do. You will need to purchase freeze drying equipment in order to do this properly. Once you have a freeze dryer, it will be easy to freeze flowers.

Allow the flowers to open up naturally as far as you like. Warm water will open up your flowrs faster.

Let your flowers absorb the water naturally for approximately 12 hours. Verify that the stems are freshly cut and fluff the flower heads.

Remove all foliage from the stems and cut to the desired length. The heads dry faster than the stems. So shorter stems will allow for faster drying times.

Cool the freeze chamber to -5 degrees F. turn on the vacuum for 10 seconds to seal the door. Load the flowers onto the rack and transfer them into the pre-cooled chamber.

Put the blackout cover on the door and ensure the interior light is off. Turn the vacuum pump on and leave them in the chamber at -5 degrees for 24 hours. Increase the temperature in the chamber every two days by 5 degree F. In 10 days the temperature should be up to 20 degrees F.

After 1-12 days, open up your equipment and see whether the flowers are dried. If the flowers are cold to the touch, they are not completely dried. Dried flowers should not be cold because of their lack of moisture.

Tips and warnings

Ensure all moisture is removed for a perfectly dried specimen.

If you freeze flowers in a regular freezer, they will freeze, but the moisture will not be removed. Upon thawing they will be damaged.

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