Drive-thru Inexpensive Wedding

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Drive-thru wedding

Inexpensive Wedding Styles

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia introduced strict social distancing regulations, requiring people to stay at home. As a result, a large number of businesses closed. And just this month, four Australian emcees discovered new business opportunities. They set up a new company to provide fast and peculiar ways to get married for newlyweds while complying with the regulations. According to the Daily Mail, the four emcees are Kate Morgan, Zena Lythgo, Mel Jacob and Klara McMurray who are all from Melbourne.

After the promulgation of the Australian government's ban, a maximum of 5 people are allowed to attend the wedding. These 4 emcees launched a new way of marriage-drive-thru in 2020. During the wedding, the couple stayed in the car.

At present, the company has received inquiries from all over the country and has already started operations in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Kate said, "Despite the current situation, weddings are still an essential service. Some people simply want to get married, but for others, it is more like a way of transaction involving visa approval, Wills or immigration."

Regarding the price, the starting price for a weekday wedding is AUD 400, and the couple can choose according to their budget and wedding style, but the overall price usually does not exceed AUD 1500.

The company has also launched a number of additional packages, including florists, car rental and photography services, but the photographer has to act as a witnes.

Kate said, "Many people don't know that people can hold weddings in various places, such as beaches, supermarkets, and driveways in Australia, but countries like the United Kingdom cannot. They can only hold weddings in specific buildings." Another founder, Zena Lythgo, said that many people prefer the details of the wedding rather than the whole ceremony. Although the company was established not long ago, the public and the media responded positively to him.


Want to save some budget but still want to feel like you are getting married?


We have some recommendations for simple  inexpensive wedding styles during this pandemic. 


Countryside Wedding

Back to simplicity, back to the basics. Country weddings are the most down-to-earth.

Modern country weddings have long discarded the old furnishings, such as red carpets or balloons.

Choose things that suit local conditions, such as planted vegetables and fruits, and abundant rice after the autumn harvest.

Get close to the natural breath and pursue truth, goodness and beauty.



Tropical wedding


When it comes to travel, you are thinking of Koh Samui, Maldives, Hawaii, Tahiti, and you like to lie on the beach.What about a tropical wedding? What you can think of are beaches, sea breeze, and frangipani?

In fact, there is no way to travel overseas for a wedding now, but right here in Australia with many wide open beaches, clean blue water,and beautiful sunshine you can also create a tropical atmosphere.

Leafbackrop, cactuses, pineapples, jumping colors can also be combined with boho to make it more sensation.


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