Drawstring Bag

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Drawstring bags are packaging bags that are closed at the top with a drawstring
They are widely used for gift or product packaging.


Drawstring bag is mainly made of non-woven fabric, cotton cloth, nylon cloth, and other materials, and some use linen cloth. The non-woven drawstring bag is relatively cheap and simple to make. However, non-woven fabrics cannot be used for a long time. Generally speaking, non-woven fabrics can be used for three to five years. The price of the non-woven drawstring bag is mainly determined according to its specifications, fabric weight, printing requirements, and rope requirements. Non-woven drawstring bags are mainly used for inner and outer packaging of products, requiring thin fabrics or gift packaging.

Floral Design Canvas Drawstring Bag


Cotton drawstring bags are widely used in the inner and outer packaging of high-end products due to their soft and high-grade fabrics. It is easy to clean, long-lasting, and can be used repeatedly for better results. The price is higher than that of the non-woven bundle bag, and the cost is also determined according to the thickness of the fabric, printing requirements, specifications, etc.


Hessian Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag is designed for wine packaging. A business logo can be customized for promotional purposes. It is made of hessian with a printed logo and nylon cord.

Organza Drawstring Bag

Organza drawstring bag is the cheapest option for gift packaging, different sizes and colors are available. They are good for storing some candies, chocolate, and dry flowers with fragrance. The organza fabric allows the fragrances to run easily. There are also organza drawstring in Christmas designs 
Linen cloth is more expensive than cotton cloth and is mainly used in the outer packaging of high-end products. At the same time, the storage time of linen is longer and can be reused more times. However, because the linen cloth is relatively stiff in hand feel, it is not as convenient to wash as cotton cloth. The price is based on specifications, fabrics, printing, and other requirements.

Embroidery Drawstring Bags

There are nylon ropes, cotton ropes, hemp ropes, etc available for drawstring bags, among which, nylon ropes are the cheapest in terms of price.

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