DIY Wedding Guide

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Nowadays, the wedding scene is decorated by the newlyweds who put forward their own ideas, and then the wedding company helps plan and decorate. However, hiring a wedding company to help decorate the wedding requires a lot of money, so many newcomers have the idea of ​​planning and decorating the wedding scene by themselves. So what are the most basic parts of decorating the wedding scene by themselves?

Wedding Venue

It’s the very first decision that an engaged couple has to make “Where shall we get married ?”

Romantic travel marriages, grand hotel ceremonies, fresh lawn weddings or sacred church weddings, etc.

Choosing a perfect wedding venue within your budget is not as easy as imagined due to the numerous options may make the couples lose the diretion, and some of the venues will have to be arranged earlier.

The wedding venue is the stage for the entire wedding, involving many factors to be considered such as background layout, item placement, lighting and sound effects, and banquet services. Most of the time, couples have the opportunity to decorate the venue as they want only the day before the wedding, so the uncertainty is high. In order to ensure that everything can be held as desired, early communication and preparation are very important.

Indoor wedding banquets can be arranged in a variety of ways. The layout of the wedding banquet venue is nothing but flowers, light gauze, fabrics, lights, photos, candle stands, romantic bubbles, ribbons and balloons. Using these materials properly, you can create a fairy-tale wonderland.

The stage is the place where the most attention is paid . The background of the stage is also the focus of the scene. It should not be too monotonous to highlight the style of the new couple, nor should it be arranged too fancy to steal the limelight of them. Usually the background is customized LOGO with the the couple’s name on. Appropriate flower decoration will make the stage background shine and highlight the details.

If you decide to have an outdoor wedding, the exquisite four-corner pavilion with flower decorations should be a choice.

Speaking of the stage decoration, it is recommended to focus on a few elements to make the main elements stand out, refined but not neccessarily comprehensive. When the wedding scene decoration is too cumbersome, the scene will be very messy.   For the main stage of the indoor wedding banquets, cool colors or floral decorations with contrasting tones can blend well with the indoor ambient lighting, which is visually attractive while expressing elegance.


The wedding reception entrance for the bridal party is one area where it can be as creative as possible. There are so many ideas about wedding reception entrances that can keep your guests thrilled and on their feet celebrating. Circular arches, arranged flower columns and the passage that is neither wide nor narrow, coupled with the surrounding flowers makes the guests feel like getting married. The entrance decorated with flowers and balloons to highlight the atmosphere of the wedding. Choose one or two of your favoriate wedding photos, zoomed in and display them at the entrance of the wedding banquet hall, in addition to making people envious that you are both "naturally beautiful", it is important to tell the guests not to go to the wrong place.

Wedding Receptions

Wedding reception favours say so much to the guests. 

flower art, especially in the wedding receptions can be ingenious, no matter glass, rattan, pot-shaped, spherical, columnar, from the solemn and elegant large-scale flower art to the fresh and wild flower art sketches, according to different venue conditions ,can achieve different visual effects.


Walking on the stairs, whether from high to bottom or bottom to top, often gives people a very peculiar feeling. The distinctive layout on both sides can easily give people a sense of being in it. Small and large wedding banquet venues will have a unique staircase. You may wish to make good use of these staircases and arrange them according to the characteristics you want. The flowers are matched with the slightly curved stairs, and there are some flowers beside it, it is like a happy avenue.

Fresh flowers, silk flowers and balloons are indispensable elements in term of the wedding layout. They add more colors to the venue! The flower decoration is in everywhere, even on the table, the beautiful table flowers allow the guests to enjoy their meals in a romantic atmosphere. In general, the flowers used in weddings are mostly roses and lilies, and the colors are mainly light pink or bright red. Nowadays, white flowers are also favored by people.

The flower gate should be placed at the entrance of the ceremony. Usually the bride's father will hand the bride's hand to the groom in front of the flower gate. Carrying the father's entrustment, the groom took the bride from the flower gate to their own wedding hall. The unique design of the flower gate will make this ritual unique, the flower gate, balloon flowers, silk flower gate... You can choose a unique flower gate according to the atmosphere of the wedding venue and your own preferences. the flower gate is favored by more and more new people. The fresh fragrance and delicate petals indicate pure love and bring fresh and bright air to the entire wedding scene. If you are pursuing romantic perfection, you may wish to choose the flower door.

Due to the rich colors and interesting shapes, balloons have recently become popular wedding venue decoration props. Moreover, the price is economical, and they can be taken away after the wedding banquet. In addition to being used to decorate photo frames and arches, balloons can also be designed with flowers, and balloons can be made into cartoon characters of the groom, bride and flower girl, which are quite interesting and creative.

Wedding Walkway

Walkway is complementary to the flower gate. The path of flowers paves a path of happiness for the couple.

Photo Display

Don't keep your wedding photos at home. On the wedding day, you should let all guests witness your romantic time. Set up a photo display area to expose your wedding photos and display your own artistic masterpieces . The momentary memories are locked in the photos, and the thoughts fly to the romantic happy time of the past again. If you have taken a lot of good-looking photos but can't show everyone one by one, you can choose to make a photo display area next to the check-in desk.

The table flower is the finishing touch to the wedding banquet. It can not only highlight the class of the wedding scene, but also allow guests to enjoy the food while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Therefore, you should communicate with your florist about the wedding style and design the most suitable table flower. 

The venue for the testimony ceremony can be an outdoor lawn, courtyard, or the main stage of the wedding banquet. In the outdoors where you can enjoy the sun, the color of the floral decoration

A wedding is a romantic and sacred ceremony. This is a lifetime memory for the couple, it’s worthy to spend some time and effort. If you have the time and energy to decorate it, the couple can try to decorate it yourself. If not, it is better to ask the wedding company to help.


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