Carry Bag - A Must Have Promotional Product

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Paper packaging products are more commonly seen as gift carry bags and handbags. Paper gift packaging bags and carry bag with exquisite quality, gorgeous patterns not only have the function as a beautiful gift packaging, but also are a kind of artwork and promotional strategy. When customers love the packaging of the products, they are more likely to buy the products. Carry bag packaging has become the mainstream of gift packaging, and the market prospects are promising.


The styles and patterns of gift packaging bags and carry bags are the focus. There are many variations in patterns, colors, and text with some patterns designed for men, such as sports patterns and denim patterns, and some suitable for women, such as floral patterns and geometric patterns, some suitable for children, such as cartoon patterns, and some designs emphasizing personal taste and authorization patterns. In addition, there are series of themed patterns, such as traditional festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year and themes such as graduation, birthdays, and weddings. The styles and shapes of carry bag are also richer, giving consumers more choices. Gift carry bag customization pays more attention to innovation, not only in the shape and pattern of the bag itself, but also in the material and shape of the carry bag’s handle.

In addition to paper products, carry bag are recently made of EVA and PP materials, translucent jelly-colored carry bags such as red, orange, and fuchsia etc. The design is simple and generous, and there is growing popolarity in this design. In particular, compared with other packaging, gift packaging is not only exquisite, portability and containment are also crucial, and paper carry bag packaging just perfectly gives us the best solution, carry bag will inevitably become the mainstream gift packaging.

How to customize carry bags to increse the brand awareness?

Carry bags are generally divided into three types, one is a functional carry bag, second it is an advertising carry bag, and the last is a carry bag that combines both. It can be seen from daily life that carry bags are ubiquitous. Whether it is paper bags, plastic bags, or cloth bags, the primary reason they were invented is to hold things, and they have not yet achieve the promotional purpose unless they are customized with the brand’s logo.

A traditional way of marketing relies on word of mouth marketing, but with the increasing pressure of market competition, there are many ways of marketing popping up, cable marketing on TV, raido, big banners on commercial buildings, social media marketing, digital marketing, you name it. However, promotion marketing is still the mainstream of marketing in Australia.

Carry bags are a must-have item in promotional marketing. Every product purchased in stores will be provided with a carry bag. It not only makes it convenient for buyers to carry the items, but also promotes their brand when it is customized with the business logo. A beautifully designed carry bag with the business logo does not affect customers’ repeated use especially when most of people realize that they can make some contribution to the environment by using less plastic bags.

As a way of advertising, carry bags are perfect marketing items with low cost but high exposure. How can the carry bags increase the brand awareness? This is reflected in the logo printing of carry bags.
The advertising printing design of the handbag must be concise and elegant, closely related to the theme, plus the brand's LOGO and name, so as to deepen the customer's impression of the brand. There are two points in the customization of the carry bag: 
1.The quality of the handbag must pass the test, so that it can be reused. 
2. The design of the handbag should be attractive, with personality and characteristics of the products. Only by achieving these two points can we make the promotion marketing work efficiently to increase brand awareness.

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