8 Best Fresh Flowers To Make Dried Flowers

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8 types of cut flowers suitable for making dried flowers, which are even more beautiful than fresh flowers

  • The meaning of dried flowers
  • The difference between dried flowers and eternal flowers
  • The method of making dried flowers
  • The most suitable flower material for dried flowers
  • How to decorate the dried flowers


There has been an increasing amount of photos of dried flowers in instagram and Pinterest and there are many people interested to know more about dried flowers and how to make them. Let's take a close look at the flowers that are perfect for making dried flowers.

The meaning of dried flowers

Dried flowers come from nature and are more lifelike than silk flowers and plastic flowers, and do not need to be cultivated. At the same time, the dried flowers are made of plants with strong color absorption, and the color is natural and soft. Because it undergoes strict insecticidal and sterilization, it will never grow insects nor mildew.


The scent of dried flowers generally lasts for half a year to a year in a semi-enclosed environment. It can not only decorate homes, hotels, but also purify the surrounding environment. It can be placed in rooms, wardrobes, bathrooms, offices, cars, handbags and it can also be made to be a beautiful dried flower bouquet as a gift decoration. The smell is rich and aromatic , Making people feel relaxed and happy. Dried flower bouquets make your gift arrangement easier and quicker.


The difference between dried flowers and eternal flowers


Meaning of immortal flowers: immortal flowers are fresh cut flowers that generally use roses, carnations, phalaenopsis, hydrangea, etc. The color and shape are almost the same as fresh flowers, and it maintains the characteristics of flowers, but the colors are richer. High quality eternal flowers  can last over 3 years.


The difference:

1. Production process

There is a big difference in the production method between immortal flowers and dried flowers. Although they are all made from natural flowers, the method of making immortal flowers is more complicated. They have to be dehydrated, decolorized, and dried. Dried flowers are made by using methods such as natural air drying and microwave drying to remove the water in the flowers.



2. Appearance

The immortal flower has been treated with a special technique. Although the name has changed, the whole flower still looks exactly the same as the normal flower. It looks like a fresh flower; but the dried flower is dried or naturally dried. You can feel it dry and wrinkled, but it is a kind of desolate beauty.




3. Texture

The immortal flower maintains its natural structure,from the shape and color to plant cells, so the texture is no different from that of fresh flowers; however, dried flowers are made by making fresh flowers lose moisture. When you touch them, the sound is like you are crumpling the tissue paper.



The method of making dried flowers

1. Upside-down method:

Remove the extra branches and leaves of the flowers

Tie a string or rubber band to the end of the flower

Arrange the shape of the flower appropriately, and place the flower in a cool and ventilated place waiting for it to dry naturally.

2. Tile method:

Spread the plants that you want to air-dry on a shallow tray or dry paper, and place them in a dry, cool, ventilated place.

3. In-line method:

Put the flowers directly in the vase and wait for it to dry naturally.

4. Drying method

spread an appropriate amount of desiccant on the bottom of the airtight container, place the flowers in the desiccant, spread evenly, cover the flowers with desiccant, cover the container, and wait for the flowers to dry out completely .



The most suitable flower material for dried flowers

1. Roses

Roses are very suitable for making dried flowers. When making dried flowers with roses, you should choose half-blooming flowers. Full bloom or no blooming flowers will affect the quality of the dried flowers. Then tie the roses with a cord. Hang the flower stem upside down and let it dry.


2. Gypsophila

The Gypsophila flowers are very light with very low water content. When making dried flowers, they can be directly placed in a vase to dry.


3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the most commonly used flower material in florists. It has a light fragrance. When making dried flowers, just like roses, you can hang them directly, and make dried eucalyptus directly inserted.


4. Craspedia globosa

 It is generally called the golden ball. It is often used as a matching flower in the bride's bouquet. It is also a common dried flower. Because the stem is relatively thin, it needs to be hung to dry when it is used as a dried flower.

5. Mugo Pine

The pine cones from Mugo pine trees can be found mostly in gift decorations.

Line baking sheets with parchment or foil. Place pine cones on baking sheets and bake for several hours at 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the pine cones frequently while baking so they do not catch on fire.


How to decorate the dried flowers

1. Upside-down decorative wall

 One of the methods of making dried flowers is to hang them upside down. Hang the dried flowers directly on the wall, and instantly have the vitality of a handicraft.


2. Make a miniature landscape

The succulent miniature landscape was once very popular. It was used for home decoration and gift-giving. You can replace the glass miniature landscape, photo frame, fleshy garland, etc with dried flowers.


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