How To Brand Your Packaging Box

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After several setbacks, the product shape was finally settled. Thinking that the product doesn't have any precision parts, it is just a little bit heavy, so packaging should be very simple?

You then start to look at various creative packaging boxes on the Internet. Marvel at how other people can think of such a good design.

A good packaging is simple, and you deserve one as long as you give it a bit more creativity and practicality.

We are going to share some knowledge on customized packaging box before you start branding your packaging box.

About Packaging Box Designs

There are several websites providing service for designing. If you have many creative ideas and try to design yourself, you can try Want to save time and expect the logo to be more professional? You can try logo competitions, let the professional teams compete to create the perfect design for you.

Inner Packaging

The internal packaging also differs according to the shockproof materials inside. Should we use bubble film, shrink film, pearl cotton, or anti-collision angle? You also need to compare the materials one by one yourself. In addition to considering its anti-vibration performance, it is also necessary to consider the size of packaging so that it will be economical on both material and shipping.

Verification Of Your Packaging Box

In order to verify the reliability of the packaging, the most dumb method used is to change different boxes and packaging with different materials, using different courier companies to send them from Sydney to Melbourne, and then from Melbourne back to Sydney. See if the packaging can withstand the violent treatment by courier companies during such a long distance’s travel.


Consideration Of Customization Of Packaging Box


If you are looking to customize your packaging box, we are here to help.

Packaging box customization process:


    You provide us with your products. Based on your products, we can provide free packaging box design or you can bring your own design.

    Order Preparation

      If you already have a packaging box suitable for your product, but you want to reorganize your budget by trying new suppliers. you can courier the box to us and we will calculate the cost of packaging box based on the material, size and artwork. Different materials like leather, fabric outer packaging, cardboard+special paper/double copper paper/single pink card can make a huge difference on the price. About the artwork, we usually mean the printing. Printing solution includes but not limited to process flow, embossing + silk screen, UV / embossing / hot stamping(heat transfer) .


        We will give a quote based on the quality of the sample box provided and order quantity. The quantity is an important part of quotation. Generally speaking, the more quantity, the lower price will be.


          We start making samples based on the actual sample from you or the packaging box that is still in your mind, we will make it an actual product. We may charge sample fee based on certain circumstances.

          Order Confirmation

            Once samples are confirmed, we will send you contract with all the product details, production time, and payment terms. 30% deposit will have to be pre-paid before production, and balance will be paid based on the term of payment.


              The goods will be delivered from China to the port or to your door based on specific requirements from the clients. Apart from Australia, we also deliver to other countries.

              Please fee free to contact us to customize your packaging box.


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