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What are wristband?

Promotional Wristbands for sport event

Rubber wristbands for business and music events

The first yellow wristband

What do wristband colors mean?

Wristband colors & human relationship

How to choose a reliable wristband supplier?



Silicone wristbands are products that have gradually developed and become popular in recent years, and their advantages have always been inseparable from the advantages of environmental protection and safety of silicone raw materials. At the same time, the production process is more convenient than other materials. More importantly, price of rubber wristbands is much more cheaper compared to other promotional products, so they are loved by many merchants.

Siliconewristbands are mainly formed by the high-temperature vulcanization of silicone raw materials. Through the human vision's preference for color, different colors of silicone gift customization can be prepared.

It is made of pure natural silicone rubber raw materials. The product is non-toxic and harmless. In terms of raw materials, silica gel is a natural green, and environmentally friendly raw material. As a silicone accessory to be worn on the neck or wrist, it can not only be used as an ornament, but also as a symbol of the pursuit of fashion.

Silicone wristbands, now popular all over the world, are a hot fashion item; it is also a low-cost, high-efficiency advertising promotion gift. Gift! Because the material of the silicone bracelet is environmentally friendly, healthy, and stylish, it can also be customized with business LOGO and slogans on the wristbands based on personal preferences, which has detonated the global advertising and promotion market!

Promotional wristbands for sport events


The Asian Games silicone bracelet is a common gift in previous major international games. Its environmental protection concept is very in line with the spiritual connotation of the Asian Games. Asian Games athletes like silicone bracelets, as well as the fans.

Many sports stars are wearing silicone wristbands to enter the arena so that the audience can see them with full energy. Dwyane Wade, an American former professional basketball player, has a collection of personalized wristbands for himself on different occasions. Miami Heat NBA also runs its campaign using rubber wristbands to encourage the fans.


Rubber wristbands for business and music events


Jelly wristbands with custom logo


Custom wristband - debossed, embossed, debossed filled with colors, printed logo only, embossed with colors

Silicone wristbands are more associated with various organizational activities, brand promotions, musical event promotions, etc. Famous Ultra music festival held in Miami as well as round trips all over the world use rubber wristbands to promote the events. We used to corporate with them on the projects of festival wristbands. Banks, real estate, schools love silicone wristbands as a way of campaign marketing.


A good design can convey far-reaching significance for your promotional campaign. Let’s get deeper knowledge about the stories and meanings behind those colorful rubber wristbands, so you will get better ideas about why people love to wear wristbands.


The first yellow wristband


Silicone wristbands were first popular in the United States. The first silicone bracelet in the world is the yellow "LIVESTRONG". The common purpose of all people wearing this bracelet is to fight disease and cancer and make life stronger!

LIVESTRONG represents a spirit, the spirit of fighting with destiny, the spirit of indomitable and courageous forward. 

This bracelet was initiated by the Tour de France champion Armstrong, which means that people can live strong and bravely and defeat the suffering caused by cancer to people around the world. In addition, Armstrong is jointly issued by NIKE to raise funds for the Global Cancer Fund.

In May 2005, the Lance Armstrong Foundation teamed up with the sponsor Nike, and Nike designed this yellow wrist ring. The wristband is made of rubber-like material silicone, and it is also printed with Armstrong's famous saying "Live Strong" ( it also implies "Energetic Strong").

Since then, due to its environmental protection, non-toxic, odorless, flexible and easy to wear, silicone bracelets have gradually developed into a popular accessory, which is deeply loved by young friends. Nowadays, various types of silicone bracelets have been popular all over the world. The different colors of the earliest silicone bracelets represent different organizations and self-expression:


Latex bands in assorted colors

Novelty custom rubber glow in the dark

What do wristband colors mean?


White rubber band bracelets: make poverty history (Anti-Poverty)

Yellow (laf)rubber bracelets: Livestrong (support cancer patients)

Black+White (Nike)rubber bracelets: stand up speak up (anti-racism)

Blue (BBC radio)silicone bracelets: Beat bullying (anti-bullying)

Pink (BCC)silicone bracelets: support knowledge strength (support breast cancer patients)

Red (BHF)rubber bracelets: feel the pulse (support heart patients)

Dark blue/blue and white: one world one cause/ tsunami Relief (helping tsunami victims)

Blue + Green silicone bracelets: say no to sectarianism (against religious conflict)

With the popularity of silicone bracelets, many businessmen see business opportunities. For example, McDonald's once launched promotional gifts for wristbands. The silicone bracelet has become colorful from the original single yellow. Its symbolic meaning has also changed.


Wristbands colors also represent


A person's mood, while silicone bracelets also describe a person's emotional changes, and different colors have different meanings.

Black silicone bracelets: indicates stress and tension

Gray silicone wristbands: similar to black, representing tension and anxiety

Brown rubber wristbands: restless

Amber silicone bands: Weakness and complex mood

Pink rubber wristbands: fear and anxiety

Red wrist bracelet: means adventure, full of energy, passion, and motivation.

Orange wrist bracelet: bold and exciting.

Yellow silicone wristbands: creativity and imagination.

Green silicone wristbands: calm mood.

Blue silicone wristbands: means happiness and relaxation.

Purple rubber bracelets: passion and romance.


Teenagers wear silicone bracelets and are full of hope. They deliver their thoughts and hopes to heaven through wristbands, hopes will be realized, and dreams come true.

Red rubber bracelets: vitality, courage, confidence, energy, desire, passion, and action.

Pink wrist bracelet: Calmness, self-worth, protection, acceptance, beauty, and love.

White wrist bracelet: enlightenment, spirituality, purity, and purification.

Indigo rubber bracelets: Contemplation, meditation, and intuition.

Blue wrist bracelet: communication, peace, truth, spirit, and youth.

Black silicone wristbands: self-control, hiding, death, stability, and the earth.


Wristband colors & human relationship


Silicone bracelets can be used as gifts to friends, symbolizing friendship between each other. All friendship silicone bracelets have a meaning, eternal friendship. But its different colors represent different meanings.

Red silicone wristbands: symbolizes love.

White rubber bracelets: represents pure friendship.

Yellow rubber bracelets: represents a happy friendship or companionship.

Orange rubber wristbands: represents close friends.


By now, you should have a complete understanding of silicone wristbands is an effective, popular, environmentally friendly promotional product. If you wish to look for a company to customize wristbands for your business. Following are some tips on


How to find customized manufacturers of high-quality silicone wristbands


How to choose a good custom-made silicone gift manufacturer?


1. Search engine to look for the right wristband company


Google favors those companies who are good with digital marketing and ranked them in higher positions so the targeted audience can find what they are looking for easily. Basically, you aren’t very likely to find dodgy companies in the first few pages as google roughly filters them out. The problems are you may not find the best companies with the best price and service. The suggestion is to look for more than one company and compare the price among them. When you get the best price then check the online review on the company and make a decision.


2. Decision-making


If you are a small business, you are probably tight on budget for your promotional campaign, so forget about looking for factories. The MOQ (minimum quantity order) is high, you may end up wasting time on the stage of communication.

Try trading companies instead, they charge a bit higher but are more flexible with quantity.


3. Finalize the supplier

When you finally find a reliable company to corporate with, you need to specify your needs and you will get to know your supplier better like profession about the products, the scale of the company, the sale person who you talk with on the early stage of communication.

If MOQ is not an issue for the order, it is worthwhile to look for a factory to partner with.


On-site inspections are suggested. To see is to believe, and you make better decisions. Same as searching for online suppliers, searching more factories for inspections.


With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, environmentally friendly silicone wristbands remain to be one of the best promotional products and will be the trend items for different event promotions.

We have the best responsible factory to help with the production of rubber wristbands based on customers' requirements on colors, sizes, and the artwork for the logo. We used to work with Ultra music festival,Miami Heat, Thunder, Dwyane Wade, and much small business. Our silicone products include but are not limited to the following: silicone bracelets, silicone watches, silicone mobile phone cases, silicone key cases, glasses cases, silicone pads, silicone u disks, silicone cup lids, silicone accessories, silicone ice trays, and silicone cake molds. , Silicone sleeves, silicone dolls, silicone daily necessities gifts, Customized Luggage Tag.  Silicone Pocket Drinking CupSilicone Hand-Muscle Developer silicon keychain and stickers.

If you find silicone wristbands good promotional products, or you have other items in mind for your campaigns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are competitive in both price and service.


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